XL Day Liveblog: All the News About HighTechXL’s Big Finale

Door Bob Munten
  • 16 March 2017

Today is XL Day, the big finale of accelerator HighTechXL. All start-ups of the program and some of the alumni will present their demo’s, visions, apps and products on the stage of the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven. An exciting day, with loads of news. In this liveblog we will keep track of everything for you. This years theme is: Universal Changemakers.

The liveblog will start at 13.00.

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Bob Munten 16 March 201717:12

Two heavyweights square off in the third and final round of the start-up battles. Manus VR versus Amber Mobillity.

Manus VR is innovating virtual reality by adding hand movement.
Different industries look for a way to implement the gloves. NASA is
currently using the glove. Currently shipped the first batch of
products. Have sent products to MIT and others.

In 2017 they will target three markets, animation, vr experience and industry. Selling hardware, software and support.

“We have more demand than we can supply, we want to take it to the next level.”

“We should win because we already won similar competitions and are selling and manufacturers in Asia.”

Amber: Building cars in Eindhoven, not to be sold but to be shared.
“We can disrupt the entire automative industry. We are growing every
single week.” Amber has been discussing contracts with BMW and others, a
first client is ABN Amro.

For 33 euro they offer a guaranteed available car. B2B they will try to reduce business fleets by 65 percent.

Looking for an investment of 70 million euro, “meanwhile making money.”

“We should win because Amber has the potential to change how millions of people travel.”

Winner: Manus VR

Bob Munten 16 March 201716:57

Bob Munten 16 March 201716:54

The final start-up to pitch: BerkelBike provides a bike that allows
paralyzed people to train their legs. BerkelBike allows people with
paralyzed legs to instruct their legs through their hands. The bikes
electronics instructs the legs.

To date, a 130 bikes have been sold to people with spinal cord
issues. In total 400 bikes have been sold. Revenue: 3 Million euro.

BerkelBike announces partnership with LevareCura and Athlon, both are in several European countries.

By 2020 they could grow to 20 million euro, looking for 600.000 to do that.

BerkelBike proved to be 200 percent better than current methods.
Early studies show that a BerkelBike could even help reconnect nerve
ends, thus leading to a curing process in paralyzed patients.


Bob Munten 16 March 201716:46

Uvisio takes the stage. Start-up revolving around skin cancer prevention. Founder itself has suffered from skin cancer.

Uvisio is a system that makes sun protection personal and effective
through app. Working together with Phillips, Van Berlo and Amazon and
Microsoft. First confirmed partnerships will have to lead to sales in
Media Markt, Etos and others.

Talks with Coppertone, leading sunscreen in US, are in a final stage.

Looking to make 3 million in revenue in 2018.

Bob Munten 16 March 201716:38

Next on stage: Uscoutfor. Delivering an automated videoplatform where amateur players can upload and view their matches.

Automated cameramen can follow the game through algorythms. First
platform to focus on amateur sports. They are planning to release the
platform for free.

Uscoutfor will be launched on the 25th of March on IOS and Android
for free. They have also joined forces with three global resellers.

End of 2017 should see a total sale of 600 systems. By 2021, the aim is to get 125 million in revenue.

Bob Munten 16 March 201716:31

Second round of Get in the ring; Stethome (at home stethoscope)
versus LifeSense (provides solution against urinal incontinence).

Stethome: Half a million investment in product development, 2.2
million in investment, won Philips Innovation Award through Get in the
Ring. Pneunomia is number one killer of children worldwide. “We could
save childrens lives!”

LifeSense: Three weeks ago, best medical wearable in the world. We
want to be the fastest growing business in the world by 2017.Turnover in
2016, 800.000 euro.

Winner: LifeSense

Bob Munten 16 March 201716:15

Next up is Ovao: A Smart Swimming Company. Delivering a wearable for
swimmers. “Wristbands are useless in swimming. You have to stop and deal
with the numbers you see, that sucks doesn’t it.”
Ovao’s wearable can be attached to nearly every goggles on market. |Providing real-time coaching through the goggles.Device will be used for other sports as well.
Avao will launch a kickstarter aiming for 30.000 euro in May. In the first year they will aim to make 2.7 million in sales.

BestBuy and Media Markt are partners, in April Media Markt shops in
Antwerp and Eindhoven will sell the Avao.Best Buy will follow by

Bob Munten 16 March 201716:08

Break is over, second half of XL Day kicks off with Onera on stage. An affordable way to keep a healthy nights rest.

1 out of 5 people suffer from sleep disorder. Onera can help improve sleep disorders by monitoring from home.

They announce they are starting a collaboration with Johns Hopkins medicine.

Already have 250.000 from iMec, they need a further 750.000 euro to launch in 2018. Growing to 45 million in revenue by 2020.

Bob Munten 16 March 201715:19

Crayonic builds a pen that prevents identity theft from happening. “Banks are in high need of safety solutions.”

ABN Amro is running a pilot for Crayonic, after that they will look to scale-up quickly. Targeting a 12 Billion Dollar market by 2020, this year they will make 300.000 in revenue of off pilot products. By 2019, the next generation will hit markets, they will look to get 19 million revenue.

To do this they are looking for 1 Million Euro investment in 2018.

The first person to forge a signature with the crayonic will win 1000 euro.

Bob Munten 16 March 201715:11

Bob Munten 16 March 201715:10

Ipos is on the stage, Menke Steenbergen announces a partnership with Olympic Medallist Imke Schellekens Bartels.

XL Day News: Ipos gets Olympic brand ambassador

Bob Munten 16 March 201715:04

XL Day News: Sustonable gets 350.000 Euro Investment

Bob Munten 16 March 201715:03

Sustonable makes kitchen table tops out of PET Bottles. Producing big sheets of the material and selling it to large retailers.

Looking for around 10 million by 2019. Has just signed a first investment deal: 350.000 euro.

Bob Munten 16 March 201714:54

First battle: Bambi Medical is up against Usono, Baby-care versus Ultra-sound improvement.

Usono to launch product in July. International expansion coming up.
Bambi Medical: Interests from six markets in Europe. Huge possible markets.
Winner: Bambi Medical

Bob Munten 16 March 201714:47

Bob Munten 16 March 201714:38

Several teams will compete in the ring, winners get to go to final in Singapore.

Bob Munten 16 March 201714:36

Anique Soetermeer takes the stage to talk to alumni. She will ‘step in the ring’, a reference to a current partnership between HighTechXL and Get In The Ring.

Bob Munten 16 March 201714:34

Bob Munten 16 March 201714:33

Oriense turns down the lights in the HighTechXL arena, they have adopted a way to create augmented reality for the blind.

Last year they have sold 100 devices. “We are not a start-up, we are a scale-up.”

“We will be allowed to sell in 90+ countries around the world.”

Expecting to have up to 100 million turnover in the next five years. Already raised 300.000 in grants, looking for halve a million.

Bob Munten 16 March 201714:25

Lia by Spinal is looking to improve posture through a wearable. 41 percent of work days are lost because of bad posture.

If you slough, Lia will tell you to sit back up. It is an undetectable wearable.

Will launch campaign to land 20.000 investment, after that they will look for 200.000 euro to develop and launch the product.

Bob Munten 16 March 201714:22

Bob Munten 16 March 201714:18

Otis Insight on stage. They will release a tracking system that will help the coach, coach his/her team.

Mark Emke, national rowing coach, said ‘its the future of rowing’.
Otis Insight will start sales at Q3 of 2017.
Looking for 350.000 investment over 2017 and 2018.
Bob Munten 16 March 201714:11

Sylvie Claes of Hugsy is on the stage now. They want to reduce stress with young parents by delivering a Kangaroo Care-package that will record the mothers heartbeat. It’s a smart blanket that will give a baby a soothing feel, smell and make it think the mother is in the room.

Nine million babies were born too early. A first clinical trial on 20 babies is being deducted at the Maxima Medisch Centrum. Four Dutch hospitals will join later.

Hugsy will launch the first products in The Netherlands, this month. US is next. They need 300.000 in funding.

Bob Munten 16 March 201714:01

Bob Munten 16 March 201713:59

The staffmembers have grown from 7 at the start of 2016 to 30 at the start of 2017.

Bob Munten 16 March 201713:56

HighTechXL: “Aim higher, climb faster. We are launching a TV-channel. HighTechXL Today.”

Bob Munten 16 March 201713:53

On evaluating Get in the Ring Partnership: “We’ve got 97 applications from all over the world on the first on the first challenge we’ve tried (Philips MedTech).”

Bob Munten 16 March 201713:47

Frericks: “So far 49 teams have accelerated, 75 percent survival rate, 35 million funding raised, 12 alumni have scaled up (24 percent).”

Bob Munten 16 March 201713:42

Guus Frericks opens the event. “We want to turn Eindhoven into the High-Tech capital of the world.”

Bob Munten 16 March 201713:41

Visitors can pay ‘virtual’ crowdfunding to the teams they like the most here.

Bob Munten 16 March 201713:20

Bob Munten 16 March 201712:23

Bob Munten 16 March 201711:19

The XL Day show will have its own livestream. Find it here.

Bob Munten 16 March 201709:59

Take a look at this video to see how Pao, a HighTechXL-alumni is doing in 52 seconds.